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Triumph Pharmaceuticals, makers of the SmartMouth brand of oral health products, was established in 1993, in St. Louis, Missouri. Its founder, the late Dr. Marvin Cohen, recognized a need for real solutions to a real problem: bad breath. Dr. Cohen devoted many years of his dental profession and career to education and resolution of bad breath. With the distinction of being a leading authority on the etiology, diagnosis and treatment of halitosis, Dr. Cohen, who served Triumph Pharmaceuticals for many years as Chairman of the Board, brought his extensive research and studies into the development of the SmartMouth branded products. Dr. Cohen published 13 research projects and lectured extensively in the United States, Canada and Europe. Most notably, he was the author of the bad breath (halitosis) section of the Encyclopedia Britannica, 1998 Medical Edition.

Dr. Marvin Cohen's vast knowledge of the subject led to an understanding of why most fresh breath products are ineffective beyond only one hour, or even much less: most mouthwash products provide only temporary solutions, ignoring the underlying cause of bad breath. SmartMouth’s activated science eliminates* and prevent bad breath gases from forming. SmartMouth's revolutionary and patented zinc ion technology was invented by Dr. Israel Kleinberg, Chairman of Oral Biology and Pathology, at the State University of New York, Stony Brook. With this groundbreaking technology, Triumph Pharmaceuticals continues to educate the world about this truly amazing breakthrough, providing all day clean breath.

It’s also important to note that true fresh breath doesn’t taste like mints, and has no burn or unnatural temporary sensation. Clean breath actually doesn’t have any mask, fragrance, burn or sensation. What you actually need is to neutralize your breath.




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