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SmartMouth™ Clinical DDS 10 Day Challenge Kit

SmartMouth™ Clinical DDS 10 Day Challenge Kit

$ 10.00 $ 23.49

Take The SmartMouth Challenge!

SmartMouth Clinical DDS Activated Oral Rinse combines zinc ion technology with maximum anti-plaque and anti-gingivitis benefits to help prevent bleeding gums. This patented solution promotes optimal oral and general health without sacrificing any anti-bad breath technology. SmartMouth Clinical DDS eliminates bad breath instantly, and prevents it from returning for 24 hours with two rinses per day.

The SmartMouth Clinical 10-Day Challenge Kit includes;

  • 1 bottle of SmartMouth Clincal DDS Activated Oral Rinse
  • 5 SmartMouth Clinical DDS Single Packs
  • 1 SmartMouth Zinc Ion Toothpaste Sample
  • 1 SmartMouth Dry Mouth Mints Pouch
  • 1 SmartMouth Tongue Cleaner 

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